Tetelestai Youth Group

Calvary Chapel of Manitowoc's youth group meets every Thursday evening starting at 7:00 P.M. Students currently in 7th through 12th grades are invited to join us in studying the Word of God and in learning to stand strong in their faith.

"Tetelestai" is derived from the phrase that Jesus uttered on the cross as He breathed His last; the word means "Paid in Full" or "It is finished." Jesus was saying that the work of salvation was completed by Him on the cross. We can receive it by faith, and we can enter into that eternal life with Him as we ask Him to forgive us of our sins, to be our savior; and to be our Lord as He guides in all aspects of our lives.

Currently the youth group is going through the Gospel of Mark. Each week we will read about 1 chapter while answering the the following questions:

1. What did I learn about God and His Character?
2. What did I learn about life?
3. What did I learn about myself? (Attitudes, priorities, fears, failures, desires)
4. How can I apply these to my life now? Is there a need for a change?
5. Pray for the following concerns:
For the Lord to help in applying what we have learned and changing based on this.
For other Tetelestai members and their needs.
For unsaved family and friends.

 Mark Study

Youth Group study notes for prior study of Mark