The Rose of Sharon
Women's Ministry Bible Study

Calvary Chapel of Manitowoc women's ministry offers an in-depth Bible study every Wednesday evening at 7:00 P.M. The study focuses on application, exhortation and building godly relationships in our lives.

Currently we are studying Paul's epistle to the Romans. The following "homework questions" completed the week preceding each study allow you to draw close to the Lord:

Day One: Read Text
A. What did I learn about God and His character?
B. How can I apply this to my life now?
C. Pray: Praise and thank Him for revealed aspects of His character.

Day Two: Read Text
A. What Did I learn about life? ( Lessons from life)
B. How can I apply this to my life today?
C. Pray: Ask for wisdom and willingness to apply lessons learned.

Day Three: Read Text
A. What did I learn about myself? (attitudes, priorities, fears, failure, desires)
B. How can I apply this to my life? (change?!)
C. Ask for Lord’s help to change – grow!

Day Four: Read Text
A. Referring to Day One A, find a Psalm or other portion of scripture that
emphasizes the same aspect of God’s character.
B. Pray: Emphasizing God’s revealed character.

Day Five: Read Text
A. Review Days 1-4.
B. Write a title to summarize this week’s text.
C. Write down the one major point or lesson the Lord wants you to remember and apply.
D. Pray: Intercessoraly for church, pastor, unsaved, loved ones, other women in this study . . .