MARK 14:27-31

1. Look-up the following verses on strength and expound on what the Lord is saying to you.

A. II TIMOTHY 4:16-17

As Paul was giving his defense, no man helped him, but it was the Lord who strengthened him and delivered him. The same is true with us, who are you trusting in?

B. ISAIAH 40:31

We are strengthened by waiting on the Lord, allowing Him to be the strength of our life, instead of doing it on our own. It is a time of refreshing as we wait upon Him.

2. According to Jeremiah 17:9, what are our hearts like?

They are wicked, evil, deceitful, and we ourselves don’t even know what is in them many times, how bad they really are.


MARK 14:27-31


3. Who knows our heart then? See Jeremiah 17:10.

The Lord does and He shows us the evil that is in them so that the evil things that is in them might be purged from them so that we might be more like Him

4. In Matthew 5:44 what kind of love is Jesus talking about?

Agape love, unconditional love, to reach out to those who don’t deserve it and love them anyway as the Lord has done with each of us!