MARK 8:1-21

1. Peter, in knowing his background, why would he say these words in II Peter 1:12?

Because we easily forget and need to be reminded of the things of God. Our memory seems to go on the fritz and as we read and re-read the Word of God, God shows us the things we need to know and learn.

2. Why was David able to respond the way he did in Psalm 63:4-8?

Because he meditated upon God, spent time with God and thus, understood God’s love and protection for him. He knew the promises of God and was able to take shelter in any situation, under the shadow of His wings!


MARK 8:1-21


3. What does the Lord instruct Joshua, who is now going to led the children of Israel into the Promise Land after the death of Moses, to do in Joshua 1:8?

The Word of God should be upon his lips, in his mind and manifested in his life. The result of obedience is blessings, direction, protection and-so-on.

4. Is the feeding of the 5,000 in Mark chapter 6 the same event as the feeding of the 4,000 in Mark chapter 8? Why or why not?

It is not the same story, but two separate situations and here are the differences:


1. The people were Jews. 1. The people were gentiles.

(John 6:14-15). (They lived in Decapolis).

2. The multitude had been with Jesus2. This crowd had been with Jesus

one day. (6:35). three days. (8:2).

3. Jesus used five loaves and two fish.3. Jesus used seven loaves and a few

(Matthew 14:17). small fish. (8:5, 7).

4. 5,000 men plus women and children.4. 4,000 men plus women and

(Matthew 14:21). children.(Matthew 15:38).

5. The surplus filled twelve hand 5. The surplus filled seven wicker

baskets. (Matthew 14:20). baskets or hampers. (8:8).

6. Occurred in the spring. (5:39).6. Occurred in the summer. (8:6).