MARK 5:21-43

In our last study Jesus went over to the east side of the Sea of Galilee, to the country of the Gadarenes. And as soon as He arrived on shore He was met by two demon possessed men. Mark focused on one of them, probably the more vocal one, while Matthew spoke of both of these men.

This area was primarily gentile territory, but there were some Jews who were living there, and it seems like at least some of them were pig farmers. And of course that was something they should have not been involved in, it was against their Law. Now having these two demon possessed men in this area, living in the tombs, it kept outsiders and even those who lived in the area away, and thus, it kept their business going un-noticed.

And as Jesus encounters these men, the demons ask not to be cast into the pit, but to be cast into the pigs, which Jesus allowed to happen. And as soon as they entered these pigs, the pigs ran down into the Sea of Galilee, drowning in the water. 2,000 pigs were killed, and that is a lot of money that was lost. For these demons, a person is the same as a pig, it didn’t matter to them. They were only looking to destroy lives.

As you can imagine, word quickly spread of all that took place here, not necessarily the healing of these two men from the many demons that had them in bondage, but the destroying of all those pigs. And the people pleaded with Jesus to leave the area, leave them alone. They didn’t want to stop the business they had, and they most certainly didn’t want to lose any more pigs. And as we are going to see, Jesus is not going to stay where He is not welcomed. That is where we will pick up our story this evening in Mark chapter 5, beginning in verse 21.


VERSES 21-24

1. Jesus was on the east side of the Sea of Galilee, and is no longer welcomed there, so He heads back over to the west side of the Sea of Galilee, probably the area of Capernaum. And once again, as He arrived, there were huge crowds that had come to see Him.

2. Also coming to see Jesus was a man named Jairus, who was one of the rulers of the Synagogue in Capernaum. And thus, everyone knew him. And for Jairus to come to Jesus was to commit religious suicide and probably social suicide. You see, the religious leaders wanted to do away with Jesus. Many wanted Him dead. And for Jairus to come to Jesus meant he was putting everything he worked for on the line. He was risking it all. But now his concern for his daughter was more important to him than all the superficial religious activities he was involved in.

Jairus of course must have heard about Jesus. He may have even seen what Jesus could do. And now his religious beliefs could not help him and he is seeking the only one who could help, Jesus. That was a humble move by this man. And it was also a step of faith, even though it was very immature faith. You see, Jairus didn’t come to see Jesus because He was the Messiah. He didn’t come to see Jesus out of love. He didn’t come to see Jesus because He is God. He came to Jesus because his daughter was dying, He came out of need. And Jesus took that simple, immature faith, and was willing to work with it. He was not going go leave it where it was at, but He also was not going go reject it.

Now we don’t read of Jesus saying anything to Jairus, but that He just went with him. Now picture in your mind what is going on here. Jairus, the leader of the synagogue in Capernaum, is leading Jesus through this massive crowd. He is trying to get Jesus to his house to touch his daughter and heal her before she dies. But the crowds thronged Jesus. That word "thronged" speaks of "suffocating." They were pushing in on every side, trying to touch Jesus, and Jairus is pushing them aside trying to make room so Jesus could get through. And I’m sure the pace was very slow, which was making Jairus even more uncomfortable. And it was going to get worse as we are going to see. As they are going to the house of Jairus, Jesus is going to stop. And for Jairus, this must have seemed like an eternity!

VERSES 25-29

1. Another desperate person is looking for Jesus, and she is going to find Him. This woman was hemorrhaging for 12 years, she was bleeding all that time with this female problem. And the physical implications of that must have been tremendous. With all that blood loss she was probably weak, not able to do things she wanted to do. And thus, she looked to the physicians to help her and heal her. She spent all her money looking for a cure, wasted 12 years of her life, and found nothing. In fact her condition was worse now than before she went to the physicians.

But as hard as those physical problems were, they didn’t compare to the social implications of this medical condition. You see, she was considered unclean for those 12 years and counting. She could not touch anyone for 12 years now, because that would make them unclean. She couldn’t hold her husband, her children, her friends. She was an outcast of society. (Leviticus 15:25-27). This medical condition was second only to leprosy with its social implications. She was cut off from worship, from going to the Synagogue. She would have to yell "Unclean! Unclean!" as she came by people so they would not brush up against her.

And she now has come to the end of her ropes. She had spent all of her money. She had no place else to go, no place else to turn. The church threw her out! Their thinking, as was the thinking of many in those days, is that there was some sin in her life that brought about this condition. So she hears about this man named Jesus, and she figures she has nothing else to loose. In fact she believes that if she could only touch the hem of His garment, she would be healed of this disease.

2. Now understand that there were crowds all around Jesus. She was unclean. If she touched anyone, and how in the world would she not touch someone, they too would be unclean. So she is sneaking in, touching Jesus garment, and then she is going to leave and no one will know. And as she comes to Jesus, she touches the hem of His garment and she is instantly healed! Now we don’t read that she shouted for joy, why? Because she would have to explain why she was shouting for joy, and thus she would have told the crowd that they were now all ceremonially unclean. So this was her secret, or so she thought.

VERSES 30-32

1. Jesus felt someone touch Him with a hand of faith, not like the crowds who were trying to grab a hold of Him. This woman was different. And when Jesus asked who touched Him, His disciples didn’t get it. There response was one of amazement. There were throngs of people all around Jesus, many touched Him, not just one person! But again Jesus recognized the hand of faith.

2. Now Jesus begins looking to see who touched Him. He is searching through the crowds. And I’m sure this woman recognized her secret was no longer a secret. And as we are going to see, she was very afraid of letting people know of her condition, of her past condition, since Jesus has healed her now.


1. Again, she was afraid because she was to touch no one. She was unclean. But as the love of Jesus catches the eyes of this woman, she comes forward and told Him, and all the people her story. They now heard how she had this bleeding problem for 12 years, and now she has been healed by Jesus.


1. In verse 33 she was filled with fear, so much so she was trembling. Now the words of Jesus took that fear and replaced it with the peace of God. It wasn’t the act of touching Jesus with her hand that made her well. It was her faith. And it was not a deep faith, she came to Jesus only to be made well of this disease. And Jesus did heal her physically, and He also healed her spiritually. You see, you can’t go in peace outside of God. You first have to make peace with God, which can only be done through Jesus Christ, and then you can have the peace of God in your life. And that is what we see with this woman, she was healed physically, and now, more importantly, she was healed spiritually.

2. Don’t forget that during all of this Jairus is waiting impatiently for Jesus to follow him home and touch her daughter. But this was important for Jairus to see and hear, the faith of this woman, because he is going to need it with the news he is about to receive.


1. Can you imagine how Jairus felt when he got this news. It must have been devastating. All his hope was now gone! And maybe he felt that all those delays prevented Jesus from touching his only daughter and healing her. But now it is too late, she is dead. At least that is what he is thinking, and those that brought this news to Jairus were thinking.


1. Notice how quickly Jesus comes with words of comfort. We don’t even read of Jairus being able to say anything. And the words of Jesus were "Stop fearing (in unbelief), just keep believing!" Now that was difficult at this point, his daughter was not just sick, she was dead. But what Jesus was doing was helping his faith to grow. He came to see Jesus when his daughter had a terminal illness with the faith that she would be healed, and nothing has changed for Jesus, He could still heal her, raise her from the dead. And Luke 8:50 tells us that the same words Jesus spoke to the woman, He is speaking to Jairus, that she shall be made well! The lesson is that no matter what you are going through, you have to hang on to God and His promises. Don’t take your eyes off of Him. Jehoshaphat was the king in the Southern Kingdom of Judah, and during his reign the Moabites and Ammonites, plus some others, gathered to attack them. And they could not defend themselves, the army was too large. Did the king panic? No, he brought it to God in prayer and said, "...For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You." II Chronicles 20:12. What else are you going to do but look to Him!


1. How Jesus was able to leave the crowds behind, I don’t know, but He did. And now only Peter, James and John, along with Jairus were heading to this man’s house to see his daughter.


1. These were probably professional mourners. The common practice in those days was that the poorest person would hirer one mourner or wailer and two flute players. But Jairus was a rich man and the place was probably filled with these mourners and flute players. It must have been utter chaos as Jesus arrived. All the screaming and yelling going on.

VERSES 39-40a

1. The people went from wailing to laughter at what Jesus said. They knew this girl was dead, it was their profession to wail over the dead, not the living! They were mocking Jesus for His foolishness. But they are only foolish words that Jesus spoke if He couldn’t do anything about this girls condition. But Jesus could!

VERSES 40b-43

1. In Aramaic Jesus spoke and said "My little lamb, wake up!" And she did! And as this little girl got up and walked, the people saw what had taken place and they were frozen. They were dumbfounded. No longer were they mocking Jesus, but looked in amazement at what had taken place.

2. In Luke 8:55 we are told that her spirit returned to her body. That is interesting because when we die our spirits go to be with the Lord or if you don’t know Him, they will go to Hell. Our bodies will go back to the dust of the earth. You see, we are spiritual beings that reside in these tents of flesh or these temporary dwelling places. And thus, death is the separation of the spirit from the body.

3. Jesus tells them not to tell people about all this, why? Because He had huge crowds following Him that were only interested in physical healings. Jesus was interested in their hearts. But it is hard to keep this a secret and word quickly spread throughout the land of what Jesus had done. When Jesus raises us up from the dead, spiritually speaking that is, when we are born again, we should shout it from the roof tops!