MARK 4:1-20

1. In Isaiah 6:9-10 God tells Isaiah to go and tell the people things that seem unfair. Is God being unfair here?

Not at all! God spoke clearly to the people the things they needed to do, but they refused to listen and turn to God. Because they refused to listen, God says when He does speak they won’t understand what He is saying because their hearts are hardened to Him. If they did turn to Him God would have given them ears not only to hear, but a heart of understanding.

2. In Ephesians 6:17 the Word of God is likened to a sword. Is it better to talk about the sword or use it?

If you stood around in a battle, just talking about how great your sword was, the enemy would be listening as they were piercing you with their sword. It would be foolish to just stand around and talk about our sword, the Word of God. We are to use it!


MARK 4:1-20


3. In James 1:22-24, what point is being made?

When we get up in the morning we go to the mirror and look at ourselves. After the shock, the mirror tells us to "Wash!" "Shave!" "Comb your hair!" And if you don’t, if you only hear what the mirror is telling you to do and you don’t do it, then the mirror is of no practical benefit for us. The same is true of the Word of God, we not only need to hear it, but apply it to our life, use it, or it is of no practical benefit to us.

4. What does Jeremiah 17:9-10 tell us about our heart?

That it is deceitful, incurably sick, and only God can truly know what is in it. And God can show us through trials and tribulations what is in our heart, the garbage that comes to the surface as the heat of the situation grows. It is then, as God shows us these things, that we need to give it to Him so He can remove it from our lives.

5. In Mark Jesus speaks of the parable of the soils. What is He speaking about?

He is speaking of various types of hearts, and as the seed, the Word of God falls upon them, what happens. Some are so hard that it doesn’t penetrate. Others are shallow, they have no root system, and when difficult times come, they fade away. Still others grow, but the weeds, or the cares of this world eventually choke them out. But there is that soil, that heart that is ready to receive the Word of God, and when they hear it they receive it with joy, they get saved and their lives are fruitful.