MARK 3:20-35

1. According to Romans 1:18-19, what do people do with the truths of God and why?

They suppress it, hold it down, cover it up. You see, if they acknowledge it to be true, they would then be accountable to obey it, to listen to God. So they close themselves to it, thinking they can get away with it, but they won’t!

2. The results of rejecting the truths of God Paul speaks of in Romans 1:28. What happens in our lives when we do reject the truth of God?

Because we turn from God, He gives us the desires of our heart, wickedness, immorality, all kinds of filth. A "debased mind" speaks of a worthless mind that then leads to worthless and abominable actions. Verses 29-31 of Romans chapter 1 give us the ugliness of rejecting the truths of God and not turning to Him.

3. In John 3:19-20 Jesus explains why people reject Him. What is that reason?

Because they love their evil deeds and if they came to the light, the truth of God, that would expose their evil deeds. Thus, they hate the light, they hate God, and they hate those who stand up for God, for the light they shine exposes their evil!


MARK 3:20-35


4. Jesus’ own family thought He was crazy, He had lost His mind. And in John 7:1-5 we see the brothers of Jesus confront Him. What are they doing?

They are taunting Him. Jesus did His miracles out in the open. All saw what He was doing. They weren’t interested in believing, they were only teasing Him, picking on Him, thinking He was crazy. It wasn’t until after His death and resurrection that His own family believed!

5. According to Colossians 2:13-14, what happened to all our sins? Also, does that include everyone?

They were nailed to the cross of Calvary, the debt was paid in full, and yes, all the sins of the people in this world were nailed to the cross of Calvary. Jesus paid for them all. But, not everyone appropriates or receives that free gift that God has for them into their lives!