MARK 2:1-12

1. Is all sickness a result of a persons sin? See John 9:1-3.

No, sickness is a result of a Adam’s sin and with it came death and the death process. But some people are physically sick as a direct result of their sin, but that is not always the case.

2. Look up the following verses that deal with sin and expound on them. (For example, who can forgive sin?)

A. EXODUS 34:6-7

Only the Lord can forgive sin, we can’t. Our words are empty in regards to forgiving sin. Also, God will punish those who are in sin, who have not come to Christ and repented.


MARK 2:1-12


B. PSALM 103:2-4

We should praise God for all He has done for us, not only His cleansing of our sins, but He does also heal us physically many times. A life that was headed for destruction, He has saved.

C. PSALM 130:3-4

We could not stand before a holy and righteous God in our own filthy righteousness, thank God for His forgiveness or we would be doomed!

3. What lesson can we learn from these four friends of this paralytic man?

They did not let any obstacle get in their way to prevent them from bringing their friend to Jesus. Thus, if we love people, if we truly love our friends, we will do anything to bring them to Jesus. Yes, it is then up to them to accept or reject that truth, but if we don’t bring them, they don’t have a chance to hear the truth!