MARK 1:35-45

1. What does Isaiah 50:4 tell us we need to do and who might this also be speaking of?

This is speaking of Jesus in His earthly ministry and how God has reveled to Him what to say, what to do, when to go. Each morning Jesus was up, spending time in fellowship with the Father and I think it is also a good lesson for us to start our day by asking God to direct our paths and use us for His glory.

2. Jesus healed many physically but what is the desire of Jesus according to I Timothy 2:4 and why?

The desire of Jesus is to see people saved, to see people cleansed spiritually speaking. You see, a person who is only healed physically will eventually get sick again and die. But someone who is cleansed of their sin, someone who has been saved, will live for eternity with their Lord and Savior.

3. According to Ephesians 2:1, what does Paul liken us to be like outside of Christ?

We are like spiritual zombies, alive physically, but spiritually dead. And that is how we are walking through life outside of a relationship with Christ.


MARK 1:35-45


4. Read Luke 11:1. The disciples of Jesus’ didn’t ask Jesus to help them to be better preachers or to do more miracles, but what did they ask Jesus to teach them to do and why?

They wanted Jesus to show them how to pray. And the reason is simple. He prayed during His baptism - Luke 3:21. When He choose His disciples - Luke 6:12. He prayed alone, in a deserted place and prayed often - Luke 5:16. At times He prayed with others around - Luke 9:28. He prayed for Peter - Luke 22:32. He prayed for Himself, his disciples, and for all believers that were to come - John 17. Jesus’ life was one of prayer and others saw the result of that kind of life and desired to have what He had.

5. When we pray how should we do it and can we ask for whatever we want? See I John 5:14- 15.

If we truly are seeking God’s will to be accomplished through our lives, then what we ask for will be in accordance with God’s will. And if it is, if we are in tune with what God wants us to do, then He will give us what we desire because it will be what He desires.