MARK 1:21-34

1. Look up the following Old Testament and New Testament verses, and then explain the point the writer is making.

A. PSALM 116:8-11

The Psalmist was experiencing difficult times as a result of what he said. And the words he spoke, the things that he said were the result of his believing they were true. Yes it brought difficult times upon him, but he had to speak what he believed.


Sometimes when you speak the truth of God all you get from those around you is trouble. That is what Jeremiah was experiencing and he felt it was better not to say anything. But as he kept silent, the Word of God burned in his heart so much that he couldn’t hold these truths back any longer, and thus he spoke forth what God had placed upon his heart.


Paul is speaking of our faith being real and because we believe that, we will speak forth the truths of God. You see, God’s Word should be so real in our life that it impacts our heart and is manifested in our life.


MARK 1:21-34


2. In Luke chapter 17 we read of 10 lepers that were touched by Jesus and healed. Read over this story from Luke 17:11-19 and what happened to these 10 men. And then specifically look at what was the difference in the life of one of these 10 men and explain it.

All 10 of them came to be healed of this incurable and deadly disease that ate away at your flesh and kept you away from family and friends. And Jesus healed them, all 10 were cleansed of the leprosy, and according to the Law they were to go and show themselves to the priest, which they all started out to do. But one returned to Jesus, a Samaritan, which the Jews hated, they were not really Jews in their minds, they were half-breeds. Now all 10 were healed physically, but only one had his heart changed, only one was healed spiritually as he came back to worship God, to worship Jesus. The other 9 will eventually die in their sins and be separated from God, while this man will also die physically, but he will go to be with the Lord.

3. As you read through Mark 1:21-34, what does it tell you about Jesus?

That he has power over the spiritual world and the physical world. He can cast out demons, He can heal, He is God! And Jesus also had compassion upon the people. He desired to set the captives free, to release them from the bondage of sin. Jesus came to be a servant of all, and that is what we see Him doing, serving others in need.